South! Along the coast

Cava de Bauxite

When we left Otranto, we stopped just outside of town to walk around the “Cava de Bauxite”, a lake where bauxite was once extracted and which is striking due to its intense colours. We continued along the coast, past the most eastern point of Italy to the most southern point of Apulia.

Strait of Otranto with the snow-covered Albanian mountains
Lighthouse Punta Palascìa
Capo Santa Maria de Leuca
Santuario di Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae

With Santa Maria de Leuca we reached the south-eastern end of the Italian peninsula. The harbour is surrounded by villas from the beginning of the last century. The Basilica and the lighthouse on top of a cliff are connected with the port by a very impressive staircase  which is the terminal point of the Apulian Aqueduct.

Santa Maria de Leuca
Lunch with delicious Italian burrata
One of the many towers along the coast
Parking for the Night
Perfect sunset

We are now close to Gallipoli, our next city to explore. More on our next post!

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