Solving a major infrastructural problem …..

Some times a day starts with bad surprise. The toilet stopped working. Somehow the waste pipe system seems to be blocked. Lets see how to solve the infrastructural inconvenience.

After a Google search I could identify 3 possible elements of the waste system where the problem might be located. The engine of the pump seems to work properly, but did not develop enough pressure to get the work done. In any case the toilet, the pump and the pipes needed to be dismantled. To get more evidence based information I called “Dopfer Reisemobile” the manufacturer of our camper to ask for their experience. The advice was to dismantle and clean the complete waste pipe and pump. 

Lets see where to start the work ….
Let’s have a look
The view from inside

Starting to disconnect the pipes …

Remove the toilet bowl

Removing and cleaning all connected parts and pipes

Cleaning the pump and chopper

Reassembling all parts for a first test
Test: NEGATIVE, after about 5 hours of work the cause was not found!
After a second phone call to Mr. Dopfer, his advice was to check the pipe which is connecting the toilet from the bath room to the waste tank in the rear part of the camper.
The question was just how to check. The idea was to use the on board compressor which we have installed for controlling our tire pressure. After connecting the pressure to the waste pipe (using duct tape) it was clear: This is the blocked pipe. After pushing some minutes with maximum air pressure the pipe was opened and clear again!

Problem solved after one day of work …..

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