Sierra de Torcal near Antequera

In the mountains between Málaga and Antequera nature has formed one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europa, the Sierra de Torcal.

The Jurassic age limestone is about 150 million years old. The former seabeds were uplifted to an elevation of over 1300 meters during the Tertiary era, resulting in a modest mountain range of flat-lying limestone, which is rare in Andalucia.

Over time, a series of fractures, cracks and faults at right angles were exploited by erosion and produced the alleys between large blocks of limestone visible today. The blocks themselves have been subjected to both dissolution by water and freeze-thaw splitting action which resulted in the various shapes.

The visitor center shows a video on how this rocks were formed – even with english subtitles. A nice surprise! They also have a restaurant where you can get a warm drink or soup. The temperature up here was quite different to the one at the Costa del Sol.
The mountains are often covered in fog (like the day we went), which gives the area a mystique atmosphere.

I managed to walk the short circuit with my ankle still hurting. It would have been nice to walk up from the big parking and do the longer route, but I hope we will manage to come back another time. The place for sure is worth another visit.

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