Setenil & Via Verde de la Sierra

Through little villages with very narrow and curvy streets we drove to Setenil. When we got there, we couldn’t find a parking. It was Sunday and many people came to visit this village. We followed a sign to a covered parking leading us around town and back from the other side.

As we are sure the covered parking is not for our height, we finally found a spot along the road to dump our car and walked from there.  
Setenil is famous for its houses built under overhanging rocks along the river. There is even a street which is covered by this rocks.
In the afternoon we reached Puerto Serrano where the Via Verde de la Sierra starts.
Via Verdes are former spanish railway tracks converted into bike routes. This one was never finished as the civil war had stopped the construction and it was never taken up again. The route is 36km long and has 4 viaducts and 30! tunnels.

36 km along beautiful landscape

Stop at a train station

The route passes a natural reserve where a vulture colony is at home. We saw more than 30 vultures circling this mountain.

“healthy” lunch break

very green Andalucía

the way back is much easier …

When we returned to our car, we decided to stay another night at this parking. The truth is, we were exhausted!!
The next day we first stopped at a bar, which we found by driving into the wrong direction. We love spanish bars! They are simple and cheap, but the quality is mostly very good. These are the places workers go for their second breakfast and lunch breaks. They are mostly on the main road and have a big parking.

Spanish vegetarian breakfast … (con jamon!)

Afterwards we went to a service station to fill up our water and stopped at a supermarket, before we spent the rest of the day at this beautiful lake.

A lake just for us !

flower of the day

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