See Bucharest

Today we visited the capital of Romania: Bucharest, and we had something to celebrate too!

NO! It’s not Paris, it’s Bucharest!

Freedom Memorial
1000 freedom fighters had lost their lives
City of contrasts
After wandering through the city, we had a special lunch on our agenda: we celebrated Edi’s birthday today! As it was a very hot day, I had chosen a restaurant at a historic villa with a big garden: Casa Doina.
Salmon tartare
.. very delicious!!
After our delightful lunch we took a short walk through uptown Bucharest to an open air museum with farm houses of different providence from all parts of Bucharest, which was a great place to spend the rest of this beautiful day.
In the evening, Edi’s birthday was celebrated a second time with our group of new friends at the camping. In front of our camper we had a campfire, lots of wine and snacks, music, dancing and a lot of fun. It was truly a great day!!
Flower of the Day

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