Sandwich Harbour

We were picked up by Ramon, to go on a tour to Sandwich Harbour. You might be able to drive there yourself, but it is not recommendable. As you don’t know about the areas which are save to drive and which are not, you would either get stuck, or never experience the fun this tour can bring you with a local, who knows how to drive through the dunes.

Ramon – our capable guide

From Walvis Bay we drove past the salt production to the beach and followed it south, crossing the Kuiseb River mouth, which looked dry, but if you drive off the track, you will sink in. Afterwards the dunes get closer and closer to the shore and only at low tide there is enough space to drive on.

To get a good view over Sandwich Harbour, we drove up the dunes and could admire the lagoon from above.

Glorious Namib desert

To go back, we drove through the dunes, which is only possible going north, as the dunes are only accessible from the south, where they are round. In the dunes Ramon showed us all his skills as a driver and we had a roller coaster experience, which was great fun.

Somebody got stuck
Help was immediately there
Tray of veggie delights and drinks

Also on this tour a snack was provided, for us a tray of veggie delights, which we really enjoyed. A great brake, on one of the many sand dunes with an endless view over sand on one side and the sea on the other side.

We had a great time on this tour and can highly recommend it. You get an impression of the dimensions of this desert and the beauty of it, while having great fun driving along the dunes, up on top of them and then up and down like on a giant rollercoaster.

Next, we will go to Blutkuppe again and spend a night there, before we continue to Sesriem. More on our next post!

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