Rwanda – a summary

Some infos from Rwanda for our fellow travellers:

we came from Tanzania, which was the best border up to now, with just one stop and everything straight forward. We left to Uganda over the small border at Cyanika, which went also without any problem, just that the Ugandan side confiscated our drone.

When we came back over the same border, it looked like they had gotten informed from the Ugandan side, that we carry a drone. We had to hand it over and they transported the drone in one day to the Rusumo border post with Tansania for us. Luckily Tanzania didn’t ask us about the drone and we could finally keep it.

we paid $100.- for an East Africa Visa, valid in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenia for 90 days.

Toll, Insurance, TIP:
no toll, we paid $40.- for an insurance for a month, they were happy with our Carnet, nothing else required

we got the local currency, Rwanda-franc, from the ATMs, which are at every bank, we didn’t pay any fees, even with our Maestro Card.

not every filling station accepts credit card, but it was not hard to find one.

the nicest roads we had in all of Africa, of course of the main routes you will find gravel roads, which can be bad during rain.

we had some problems in this country with the Internet connectivity. We bought an Airtel Sim Card with 3G, as we were told 4G was not available anyway.
WhatsApp calls were not possible, the connection to our computer at home was permanently interrupted, and in general, the connection was bad.

There is not much infrastructure for people who travel like us, especially as bigger the car gets the more difficult it will be. We stayed mostly next to some lodge, where the space was limited, as there is not much of an even spot in this country.

National Parks:
we didn’t go to Akagera NP, as we just came from Serengeti.
But we drove through Nyungwe NP, where we saw a lot of monkeys, which is free.
When we asked for a hike, the fee pp for the NP would have been $100.- pp, which is much more than at Serengeti, so we didn’t do it.
At the Volcanos NP in the North, we just visited the Dian Fossey Museum and left a visit to the Gorillas for Uganda, as the price in Rwanda would have been $1,500.- pp.

The most astounding thing about Rwanda was, how clean and well organised this country is. A real difference to all the other countries we had visited in Africa so far.

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