Roca del Corb

At the foothills of the Pyrenees, near the villag e of Peramola, lies a fascinating rock formation, called Roca del Corb. We found a hike on Wikiloc, starting from the village, which we followed up into the mountains and around Roca del Corb with incredible views of an even bigger and similar rock formation. They reminded us a lot of Meteora in Greece. Like there, these formations are not formed of solid rocks but round stones and sand pressed together. (As you can guess, we are no geologists)

The weather was not very good, with a constant drizzle accompanying us the whole afternoon. But the landscape truly made up for it.

Circling Roca del Corb
Overhanging wall used for a shelter

While circling the mountain, we had noticed a track through the valley and a car parked not far from our route. We decided to look it up and try to get there. That way we could do some more exploring in the area. The road was good and we found the right track which lead us up into the mountains.

Reaching Roca del Corb by car
Parking for the Night
Eagles view

Due to the rain the day before, we had not climbed the top of the mountain, which we made up for the next day when it was dry and sunny. From our parking it was a short walk to where the route up the rock starts. It was a steep climb and we were on top.

On top of Roca del Corb
The panorama we had from the top
Flower of the Day

From the mountains we drove further south to a small village famous for its exceptional street art. More on our next post!

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