Returning to Europe

After we had reached Çanakkale at the Dardanelles it was a short ride to the other side which is already Europe and to reach the border to Greece.

Seagull following our ship

We had spent the afternoon and night at Çanakkale going to a nice restaurant and trying to spend our last Turkish Lira. The next morning we took the ferry to Kilitbahir, which is the shortest connection. You just arrive at the harbour, pay for the ride, in our case 80 Lira, and drive onto the waiting ferry.

Easy to check our roof and the solar panels this way 😉
Somebody was feeding the seagulls, which made them follow the ferry.

Fortress of Kilitbahir

The entrance to the fortress needed some tape

Sadly we couldn’t visit – closed for some reason

Old house in ruins

Such a beauty!

We followed this track to the sea

Lunch break!

Soon we will be in Yunanistan! (Greece in Turkish)
Reaching the border

Atatürk is worshiped everywhere, even at the border

Edi getting his x-ray done

Crossing the border

Back to Greece!

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