As we always enjoy meeting good friends, we were very much looking forward to this event. We met some “petrol heads”, which Edi knows since his early school days! Every year they organise a 24-hour race event, shadowing the “24 Hours of Le Mans” taking place the same weekend, but on gravel and using vintage (young timer) cars with max. 140 hp.

see: http://www.omcb.at/NEWS/

This year the event was cancelled because of the unclear COVID regulations, which gave us the opportunity to test-drive one of the heroes – the NISSAN 100NX which is now 30 years old and already did about 1000 laps on this track. Front-wheel drive and 90 hp make no spectacular race car, but a very reliable one for this type of endurance race.

This weekend we drove some kind of Father & Son training challenge. Teams: Max & Bernie, Hartwig & Torsten, Edi & Monty!

out of the shicane ….
slow right hander …
90 hp, perfect race line ….
150 hp, spectacular style
Weak point: front wheel at the left
Our team had to change the tire six times!
Professional pit crew & driver
Broken front @ the Mercedes
Difficult track conditions
before …
… and after!

The atmosphere was very relaxed and we all had a lot of fun. Our Nissan was still in good shape at the end of the day and we hope to be able to participate in the 24-hour race next year.

Soon a different event will take place at the same location, of course cars will take centre stage again! More on our next post.

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  1. Thank you for your participation in our event.
    And thank you for the wonderful pictures.
    your old trial-dad

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