Protea Motors

Nieuwoudtville, a very sleepy town in the Karoo, offers a unique surprise for you, if you are into motorcycles. The petrol station houses an incredible collection of motorcycles crammed into the shed behind the pumps. For those who are not that interested, there is also a spectacular waterfall some kilometres to the north, just that there was no water in the river at this time of the year.

Euro 1,17 per person

What looks like a mess is actually a unique collection of great motorcycles, which the owner buys all over South Africa. All the bikes are unmodified, in their original version and all in excellent condition, beside of the dust.

cat prints in the dust
One of only 200 Ducati 400 Junior

The owners know a lot about motorcycles and you could talk endless with them about all the fantastic bikes they have collected over the years.

From the petrol station in Nieuwoudtville we drove to the stunning waterfall (even without water) and then went back to the N7, the main road leading to Namibia. The route took us over the VanRhyns Pass, where we plunged suddenly from the plateau we were on back down on a spectacular road with incredible views.

VanRhyns Pass

Our next post will be already from Namibia! So continue reading!!

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