Prizren @ Kosovo

Coming from Skopje, we entered Kosovo and drove over the Prevela pass until we reached Prizren. It was the day before the Day of Independence of Kosovo and everywhere flags were put up and people were enjoying the good weather in the mountains and in the town of Prizren.

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Reaching the border to Kosovo
No, we are not country hunting 😉
The first surprise was this new highway
Getting closer to the mountains
Big hotel – not sure if still in use
Soon we reached the snow
No wonder at 1,500 metres
There was a skiing area, but many just enjoyed the snow with their kids
Very busy at the pass with stalls, cars and pedestrians everywhere
Šar Planina with 2,700 metre high peaks
Looks big enough
You are expected to enter the church without your gun (and girlfriend)
Sinan Pasha Mosque 
The Sinan Pasha Mosque is an important cultural monument from the Ottoman era at Prizren and the largest Islamic mosque in the country. It was built at the beginning of the 17th century and had been restored a couple of years ago.

This boy knew how to sing and play the drum, attracting a lot of people
What happened to the old Fiaker from Vienna? Here they are!
Prizren was full of people enjoying the beautiful weather
The blue flag is of Kosovo, but mostly we saw the red flag of Albania.

88% of the people in Kosovo are Albanians, that’s why the flag was everywhere. When we talked to somebody about it, he showed us a map of the area of ethnic Albanians which reaches far over the borders of Albania, including most of Kosovo. Despite the borders separating them, the Albanian people managed to preserve their cultural unity. Their national identity is particularly expressed in folk culture, with its traditional costumes and dance. But there are also countless parallels in literature, music, cuisine and other areas.

The bridge over the river Bistrica e Prizrenit was covered with locks as a symbol of love.
Old men roasting chestnuts
If you need a spectacular dress, Prizren is the place to find it.
Wedding? dresses in the traditional style
Castle of Prizren at the entrance to the valley 
We took a walk up to the castle, from where we continued on a good path into the valley until we reached the river Bistrica e Prizrenit, which we followed back to Prizren again. A very nice walk!
Prizren from the castle
The number of expensive cars we saw in Kosovo was impressive
Going back to Albania again
We stopped for the night at the river below this dam
Flower of the Day

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