“Pragser Wildsee” hike

Our next destination in South Tyrol was the Pragser Wildsee, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.

It seems that everybody who visits South Tyrol goes to this lake. There are 3 big parking areas and an endless number of tourists walks around the lake. This many people made us a little antsy but we relaxed when we left the shore of the lake and walked up a valley to the Grünwald Alm.
Grünwald Alm
Break at the Grünwald Alm
Strengthened with a delicious Apfelstrudel we continued
Romantic Pragser Wildsee (if you ingnore the tourists)
The lake reminded me of the Königssee in Germany, where we went on the first trip with our Cochecito! (Post Königssee)
We had spent the night there at the first parking we reached, which at the end turned out to be the most expensive one (22,-/24h), but we had a pleasant and calm night. So if you go there, I recommend you take the second parking.
Primel or primrose 
Flower of the Day

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