Our Corona diary, Week 8, updating the camper with recovery points

Week 8, after the possible CORONA infection of last week, Edi is up and running again! It took  about a week to recover. We will make a CORONA ANTIBODY check within the next weeks. Meanwhile it is time for an update on the camper.

Massive recovery point to be installed @ the front end of the camper.

As the SPRINTER 4×4 does not have recovery points at the front or the back, we were looking for a proper solution. The crucial question is where to place the recovery point because of the massive forces needed to be taken in case of recovery.
Tools needed today …
Starting to remove the grill ….
Removing the bumper at the front end to accses the winch.
Disconnecting the winch electrics, which will make some troubles at the reassembling …
Massive winch steel support, where the recovery points should find a place.
This is the place (on both sides) where recovery points should be screwed down.
20 millimeter drill bit
Lets start drilling, starting with 8 millimeter.
Finished 20 millimeter hole.
Perfect fit!
Finished mounting using the 32 nut.
Advantage of the recovery point we use is, that is it is free to rotate.
Finished, left and right!
At least, the connector of the winch electrics needs to be replaced ….
The result, after reassambling, just like I designed it.

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