Our Corona diary, infected?? Week 7

The “New York Times” Headline:

Trump Suggested ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant to Cure Coronavirus? 

Trump gives Americans and the world a deep insight in his intellectual brightness and the level of professional crisis management ….

We started our week with 2 very nice hikes around Altlengbach ….

The “Rotes Kreuz” landmark, very nice views! 
We enjoyed the hikes very much and returned home im best condition.


After a very bad night of sweating, headache and very low blood pressure, I was really feeling sick like I did not for years ….

Looking very bad after a terrifying night!
Themperature? Yes, far above the limits …
Starting immediately with therapy: Tea (instead of injecting desinfectant)
This morning I really enjoyed the tea!
After consulting the CORONA check list of the Austrian health authorities, I got a score of 3,5 out of 20 possible sympthoms of COVID-19. Let´s see how the situation develops the next days!
Keep you updated in week 8.

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