Onda & Sierra de Espadán

After staying the night at the free caravan parking of Onda, we wanted to discover this town and its prominent castle.

Castle of Onda

From our parking, it was just a short walk and soon we discovered the old part and the beautiful Plaza del Almudin.

Plaza del Almudin

We walked further up to the castle, where a very helpful lady of the tourist information gave as all the information we needed.


This castle was once an important fortified town, erected by the Moorish from the 10th century onwards. It was once so big, that it was called the castle of the 300 towers. During the last years, the castle had been renovated and we found good information also in English. A later building houses a museum with a multimedia show about the history of this place. Unfortunately, we saw it in Spanish, which wasn’t very helpful 😉

Iglesia de la Asunción

After lunch in the old town, we headed back and took a route leading us through the Sierra de Espadán to Segorbe. First, the street followed the river Veo and then over the mountains to Aín. From there the route led to the right. Immediately, we saw that this part of the road will be different. Some signs warned us that this is a mountain route, but there was no weight limit, the length was limited to 8 meters and the width of the road was 5 metres. That sounded good for us.

This way ???

So of course we turned right, which was immediately a single track route, the sides of the tarmac crumbling away. The hight limit was low, as we scratched already at the first tree hanging over the road. Street maintenance hadn’t been here for centuries.

The street was winding in U-turns uphill and uphill and didn’t stop until we nearly could reach the sky.


We discovered that in this area cork oaks are growing and the cork still seams to be used, as we saw many tree trunks recently stripped.

Cork oak

Luckily, we had not much oncoming traffic, just some other tourists who obviously also had followed their navigation system 🙂


We reached Segorbe, which also has a free parking for campers with a service station just next to the train station.

Full Moon @ Segorbe

The next day, we crossed another mountain range to reach Lliria and then Valencia, which was also a beautiful drive, but on a 2 track road in perfect condition, which felt boring after last days adventure.

Almond blossom 

What a great short trip! What will come next? We will think about it!!

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