Once in a life time radio contact

As Edi is a licensed ham radio operator, he is allowed to use radio communication equipment to perform radio contacts world wide. This means, he can talk to people all across Europe, or to all other continents just using 100 Watt of power, the right radio and antenna.

Märket Reef Finnland , Oj0C most wanted ham radio hot spot, August 2018

You could ask “why is this a magic? With email or a mobile phone you could do the same”. You are right, but with radio communication you don’t need any infrastructure to communicate, you do not need any provider like a telephone company or an internet company. This makes this hobby and technology so interesting in many world travelling situations.

A special challenge in ham radio is to contact “rare locations” world wide, it is like to hike one of the highest mountains in the world.

One of this locations is a tiny island between Finland and Sweden the MÄRKET REEF, just big enough for an automated light house.

This island was “activated” for a view days in August 2018 by a team of enthusiastic ham radio operators to bring this spot “on the air”.
Märket REEF OJ0C
Which means, they had to bring all things needed for living and equipment including radios and antennas to the island just to perform a 24/7 operation.
Florian OE3FTA, the Austrian member of the team, operating night shift
The aim is then to make as many contacts around the world as possible, to give the ham radio community the opportunity to get a confirmed communication to “Märket REEF – OJ0C”.
At the end of the week, they made more than 15,000 contacts around the world.
Ham radio communication Austria OE3SEU – Finnland Market Reef island OJ0C using 100 watt and a wire antenna
As we knew, that also a young Austrian ham radio operator, Florian OE3FTA, was part of the team, Edi was trying to contact this hot spot and finally was lucky to get a 2 way contact on frequency 7150 MHz – for sure once in a life time.

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