On the way to Timisoara (Romania)

Not far from Szeged, we reached the border to Romania and travelled eastwards through the Pannonian Plain until Timisoara.

Buying a Rovinette for the Romanian roads
Getting some route recommendation from Mr. Rovinette
Communist architecture at the outskirts of Timisoara
Layout of the massive fortress of Timisoara

At the beginning of the 14th century, Charles I of Hungary built the first stone fortification. In 1443 John Hunyadi restored the castle and the surrounding walls, which had been destroyed by an earthquake. The fortress was captured in 1552 by the Ottoman Turks, who held it until 1716 when it was taken by the Habsburgs. The Habsburgs reconstructed it, making it much bigger in the style of Vauban.

Finally, at the end of the 19th century the walls were demolished and the ditches were filled in as the old fortress hindered the development of the town. Nowadays, the Theresia Bastion is the only part left from the enormous walls which once protected Timisoara.
Unirii Square
The Dome
Victory Square
Monument of Saint Mary @ Liberty Square
Many bars and restaurants – a place to taste Romanian wines
Tasting some wines of the Regno Recas wine estate
Our hostess explained to us the wines we tried
On the way home

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