On the way to Lithuania

We left another lovely lake in Masuria to drive along the Russian border and into Lithuania. It was interesting to see such a remote area and the changes after we had crossed the border.

We had spent the night at one of the wonderful lakes of Masuria near Mamerki. We found some wood and enjoyed another campfire in the evening.

Even as we had learned from  the official Lithuanian homepage that entry from Poland into Lithuania shouldn’t be a problem, we decided to take a minor street to cross the border.  Our route took as through a remote and poor agricultural area of Poland. We came past the border triangle of Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) and Lithuania while travelling along the border. From another traveller we had heard that the entry to the Kaliningrad Oblast isn’t possible at the moment, but we didn’t really check.

Luckily there is always more space than stated

Typical decorated cross we saw in many villages

Storks nest 
Common crane! The second time we had spotted them in Poland

Spending our last Polish money

The navigation knew a shortcut to the border

Last house on the polish side

Lithuania !!

Immediately the houses were different. Everywhere we saw lovely small houses in different colours. They all had old windows and most seemed to be in bad shape but inhabited. Winter must be very hard for people living in this villages.
Lookout tower
Our day ended at a park once an estate, where we went for a walk and spent the night at the quiet parking.
We haven’t found out who this statue represents
Today we did a lot of driving but it was very interesting to see such remote areas with the little villages and the landscape. We are curious what we will see and learn during the next weeks in the Baltic countries we are going to explore.
Parking for the Night

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