On the way to Lisbon

We were getting closer to Lisbon now, but first, we wanted to discover the peninsula of Setúbal. Beside a weigh bridge and a tidal mill we visited a castle, spoke to an archeologist and ended the day at Cabo Espichel.

Sunset at Cabo Espichel

On the N4 from Évora to Setúbal, we saw weigh bridges along the road, so we stopped at one to check our weight. Immediately a helpful local came to help us. In the end, we knew that we are only a little bit overweight 🙂

Getting instructions at the weigh bridge
He even showed us the equipment behind the panel
Our first destination now was a tidal mill at the mouth of the Zambujal river (N38°31’44.0″ W8°48’23.9″) Sadly on Monday the museum and the very nice looking café were closed. But we had a look around and used the parking for our lunch break before we continued.
Tidal mill was closed
Low tide shows it all
Our next destination was the castle of Sesimbra. It lies behind the harbour town of Sesimbra on a hill overlooking the peninsula of Setúbal. Inside the castle walls we discovered a little church full of Azulejos.
Sesimbra castle church
Beautiful Azulejos
Castle of Sesimbra
The castle was rebuilt in the 70s so all the walls have their battlements. Inside the castle excavations were taking place and we talked to one of the archeologists. They had excavated an old road, a collective grave next to the church and many pieces of ceramics.
Old road leading from one gate to the next
Archeologist showing us the ceramics they had found
Our last destination for the day was Cabo Espichel, where we enjoyed the sunset and stayed for the night.
Cabo Espichel
Dancing in front of the light house
More on this lost place in the next post
Flower of the day

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