On the way to Crete

After our tour through the Peloponnese, we now wanted to visit Crete, the largest island of Greece and the 5th largest of the Mediterranean Sea. Crete lies about 100 km south of the Greek mainland, which meant a ferry ride of 9 hours.

The ferry leaves every day at 9pm from Piraeus and arrives at 6am in Heraklion, which made us book a cabin. We were curious what to expect from this ride.

We had arrived early at the harbour of Piraeus to change our online ticket into a real one. Our only other experience with ferry rides was the very well-organised procedures on the ferries to England. Here everything was a bit more chaotic, but especially as there were not many people travelling at this time of the year it worked well enough. (Entrance gate to the ferries to Crete: 37.948917, 23.636186)
Harbour life: quick engine swap 
Stocking up the fridge before we leave
Kriti II – our ferry to Crete
Sunset at the harbour of Piraeus
Time to board!
The ferry has no exit in the front, why trucks have to go in backwards.
Camper on its place in the corner
A steward leads us to our cabin
Here we are, very nice indoor cabin.
Checking out the emergency exit
Watching the last cars arrive
On board chapel
We are leaving!
Selfie time!
After we had left the harbour, we went straight to the restaurant 🙂
What shall we have?
Only water – I promise !
OK, there was a small bottle of Rosé involved 😉
After a good night on board, we had to get up early for tee & coffee
Leaving the ship at Heraklion
We went to a nearby parking to sleep some more before it was time to explore Heraklion. More on our next post!
Parking: 35.342313, 25.137720

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