On the way to England

In the afternoon, we left Berlin and drove to a camping on the channel which connects the Spree river with the Havel river (City Camping Süd).
We parked directly at the channel and put our chairs out. While enjoying the sun and the woods around us, we could watch the boats traveling the channel.

now, just relax

enjoying the nice view

In the morning, there was mist on the water while the sun rose over an old train bridge – a mystic atmosphere!

The next day, we headed to Potsdam and the Park of Sanssouci. The car parking was full but there was a separate parking for buses and caravans which was nearly empty! We took the bikes out and cycled from one palace to the next. Most impressive was the New Palace which is still under renovation but for sure worth a visit when it opens next year.

part of the New Palace
built in only 6 years, starting from 1764
Chinese Tee House
Summer Palace

Our next stop was recommended by my former colleague Lisa: Caputh – which is a small town not far from Potsdam. We were told to take the ferry to Caputh and stop at the Fährhaus – the restaurant next to the ferry. It was a sunny Saturday and the river was busy with boats of all different kinds. We enjoyed to sit at this lovely restaurant and watch. It was like one of this pictures where so many things are happening at the same time.

Ferry to Caputh and the Fährhaus restaurant

We now started travelling east, in direction of Dunkirk, from where we will take a ferry to England. In the evening we reached „West Germany“ at Helmstedt, where we parked at an official caravan parking.

The next morning, we walked into the center and admired the old houses but especially the university building.

University of Helmstedt
Historic buildings of the 16th century at the main square

In the afternoon, we were on the road again until we reached Duisburg, where we stopped at the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord. This park around former industrial buildings offers many leisure activities. In the evening, the ironworks are bathed in colourful lights. We climbed the blast furnace which is used as a look-out point and took pictures of the installation at night.

Blast Furnace 5
At the top of the blast furnace
Guided tour with torches
 Industrial surroundings

The next morning, we stopped at the Mercedes garage, as we had problems with the gearing. It turned out, that at our last service in Spain, they “forgot” to change the gearbox oil. The oil was filled up, and the automatic shift now works much better!

We drove from Germany into the Netherlands, Belgium and finally France where we reached Dunkirk in the evening. Tomorrow we will be in England!

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