On the way to the Black Sea

From Bucharest we are now on the way to the Black Sea, travelling through villages and crossing the Danube to reach the coast near Constanta.

Wallachia means “The Romanian Country” and is the historical region of Romania. Today it is the southern half of the country. This region is dominated by the Danube and the landscape is quite flat, the perfect region for agriculture, which dominates this area. At this time of the year all the harvest was already brought in and the empty fields together with a grey sky made it a little boring.

Shopping stop at a farm stall

The villages along the river were dominated by this beautiful houses, many in good shape and renovated, others abandoned and overgrown.

It seems we found an abandoned landing strip
Old-fashioned form of transport still works in Romania
Crossing the Danube not far from the Black Sea
The Romanian seaside under construction
Finally !!
We reached the Black Sea – which looked very blue ūüėČ

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