On the way to Mbeya

From Sumbawanga to Mbeya we had a very good road, tar, no potholes and the traffic only picked up when we reached the transit route from Dar es Salaam to Zambia. Driving for hours never gets boring in Africa, as there is so much to see along the road.

As the first rain had arrived, the farmers started to plough their fields. We saw one tractor that day, many oxen pulling a simple plough and often just the whole family working with simple tools.

Taking the oxen and plough out
Watusi bull
Petrol truck a little stuck
Handmade wheelbarrow
Fixing our cooler
He had destroyed the front of his truck and was trying to fix it somehow
This time a train accident
On the way to Lunji Coffee Farm

When we followed the route our navigation sent us to get to the Lunji Coffee Farm, we thought we were on the wrong one and will discover that there is a much better road on the other side. It turned out, this is the best route they have, which also the trucks have to take to pick up the coffee they grow here on the foot of Mt. Mbeya.

Truck proof bridge

When we arrived at the farm, we could park in their beautiful garden with flowers all around us. We will stay here the next days to learn about growing coffee in Tanzania – more on the next post!

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