On the road in Zambia

Driving Zambia is known as very exceptional for Europeans, used to good tar roads. As we are now since two weeks on the road in Zambia, we know that here, roads can vary from very good to extremely bad. But up to now, we always reached our destination, driving on potholed tarmac, gravel, bumpy roads, deep sand or just very difficult to drive roads.

Some tar left

People are very active and busy with their businesses along the street. From producing and selling charcoal or veggies and fruits, all kind of workshops or business solutions services can be seen even in small villages.

Heavy charcoal bike!
Everywhere tomatoes are for sale
Doing the washing at the river
Many schools along the road
Driving on the road or off the road ??
Hand made doors
Somebody lost his load
Trucks: not always in best condition!
Easy to drive, in dry season only
Roadside repairs: we could help out with a spanner
Stores for “Airtime”
Bananas on offer …
Beef on offer …
Money exchange

These were a view impressions from our first weeks in Zambia, more will come for sure on our next posts.

2 thoughts on “On the road in Zambia”

  1. We would like to thank you for the help rendered when My wife and I had a breakdown along the Chirundu road where you helped out with a spanner.
    We are grateful.
    Enjoy your travels and be blessed.

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