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When we arrived the first time in Windhoek, we had contacted Werner (V51JP), who helped us with the Ham-Radio licence for Namibia. While we had dinner together, we found out, that historic cars are another hobby we have in common. Together we visited the OLD WHEELERS CLUB clubhouse and museum, where Werner is an active member. Capturing some of the rare old-timers there was great fun!

Form the OLD WHEELERS web site: (https://www.oldwheelers.com/about_us)

In June 1986 twenty-six old-car enthusiasts got together to form a Club with the aim of encouraging the interest, ownership, use, restoration and preservation of motor vehicles older than twenty-five years and to promote competitions, exhibitions and other activities in the furtherance of these aims. Of the founder members, ten are still members today and the membership has subsequently grown to over five hundred members. 

In 1988 The Club became recognised by ‘Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens’ (FIVA) as a fully-fledged international motoring club, and from then on there was no stopping us! One of the major achievements of The Club is that it is the official body recognised by the Government of Namibia (NATIS) as the authority on old motor vehicles. Whether it was a carnival procession or a Miss Universe pageant, the Old Wheelers were there. During the Queen’s Independence celebration visit, The Old Wheelers Club was called upon to provide cars. 

During the 1999 London to Cape Town Rally, The Club provided cars and marshals as back-up for the competitors along the route through Namibia. The official feedback received was that we gave the most efficient support during the entire rally between London and Cape Town! 

In 1991 vacant ground was bought from the municipality with the intention of building a clubhouse and motoring museum. On the 26th of January 2013 the ground breaking ceremony was held and in December 2013 the doors to the new clubhouse in Rugby Street were opened. Our next phase of development – the building of our National Motoring Museum – was successfully completed and we are planning our next initiatives, such as erecting an engine shed for stationary engines, expanding our museum, and more.

three Bentley’s on temporary exhibition
1926 Bentley 8 Liter, Chassis No.: 720

It was a great experience to visit this club together with Werner, a knowledgeable fan of old cars. As the club includes a restaurant we had dinner together, before we left Windhoek again.

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