Nyero Rock Art

Colonial architecture in Mbale

On our way to the north, we reached an important site of rock paintings in Uganda near Kumi. Nyero rock paintings are of the Late Stone Age hunter-gatherer culture. This art is generally attributed to Batwa hunter-gatherers who are of Pygmy origin which once lived in the general area of these rock art sites, before they were cast out by other tribes.

Butchery on the way

The rock art site consists of 6 shelters under big boulders standing out of the plain, 3 of them we could visit.

Nyero 1
Nyero 2

Concentric circles, maybe depicting the sun and boats were the main objects we recognised. While Nyero 1 had white paintings, the shelters of Nyero 2 and 3 were painted in red.

View from Nyero 3 to other rock formations

We spent the night at this site, which had enough room to park also for campers. The area was fascinating and we learned, that the people of the area would sacrifice and pay offerings to the gods for problems of rain, misfortune, blessings and child bearing at these rocks, a very sacred place to them.

Will next continue to Orungo and the St. Clare’s Missionary.

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