National Park “El Fondo”

Near Elche we discovered the lagunes of “El Fondo” or “El Hondo” – one name seams to be Valenciano ūüėČ

White spotted Bluethroat

The parking at this National Park is big and can be used to stay overnight: 38.187893, -0.791316

We took the long lenses out and went bird hunting.

Pentax K1 – 500mm – f8,0
Pentax K1 – 28mm – f2,8
There are observation points and different paths lead through the area.

Beside of common ducks, we saw one Flamingo in the distance, one little bird, which looked interesting (first picture) and a bird of prey which we was a little to fast for our camera setting (below).

Kestrel or Cernícalo (span.)

I think I don’t have to tell you that we have no knowledge at all about birds and no experience in bird photography.
Mallard or Pato Real (span.)
happy to hike
We managed to take a long route and walked for more than 3 hours.
also bird hunting?
Flower of the day

The next day, we continued our route to the town of Orihuela – more follows!

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