Mikumi National Park

Tan Swiss Lodge – parking under Flamboyant trees

From our campsite at Tan Swiss Lodge, we had booked a game drive into the Mikumi NP. Already on the way to the park entrance, we saw not only Impalas, but also the beautiful Masai giraffes, which have a different pattern than the ones we had seen in Southern Africa. The main road to Dar es Salaam leads through the park, providing a free game drive where you can see a lot.

We paid 35,- US$/pp entrance fee and 150,- for the game drive with Samuel, which was much cheaper than driving ourselves. We would have paid 236,- for our car. As all the organised game drivers are connected, they always know where something is happening. This way we could see so many lions that day.

Baby impalas – like Bambi
Their papa
Taking a rest under a tree

We were thrilled, when we came to a dried out waterhole and could watch a lioness protecting her catch, a young buffalo, from the vultures. Another lioness and 2 cups were sleeping under a nearby tree.

Vultures and a marabou taking their share
Buffalos seem to be the main food source for the lions
Southern Ground Hornbill
Hadeda Ibis
Red-crested Korhaan
White-backed Vulture
Rüppell’s Vulture

We were fascinated by the number of animals we had seen so far at the park, but it got better. It turned out it was lions day and in the end we saw 4 groups of lions. So we made a lions special! See next ->

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