Lost power plant @ Fier

On our route to Berat we passed Fier where we saw huge industrial structures on the city outskirts. We already knew about the “lost power plant” from another travel blog, so we went to have a look.

The 1,5 km2 site of the thermal power plant and fertiliser factory is already inactive for years, as are most of the communist-era factories. For us, it was a fascinating concrete amusement park waiting to be explored. Apart from that, these colossal, monumental industrial structures are a vanishing architectural legacy, screaming for preservation, and in an era of building reutilisation, repurposing of these structures could create a world-class attraction in Albania.

Difficult to find the entrance ...
The Fier power plant was Albania’s largest thermal power plant having 6 identical groups of 31 MW each, thus totalling a capacity of 186 MW. In 2007 the plant was decommissioned. Since then the site had been stripped of everything valuable, only the concrete shells are left standing there.
The official entrance, still protected by a security officer …
Around the corner we found free access to the huge area of the power plant
This cooling tower was easily accessible
We could not resist to drive through the ruins!

2 thoughts on “Lost power plant @ Fier”

  1. Hi. I hope you don’t mind my asking some questions about the power plant complex @ Fier. I am going to Albania and would love to visit this place. When you visited this place, was there no guards? No gate? Could you just walk around freely? Do you remember if one could park one’s car somewhere nearby?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Sylvia,
      we visited the location Feb. 2020. There was no guard, some gates, but it was easy to drive in with our camper and we could move freely. For sure you will find sam parking space to stop outside the complex.

      All the best,

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