Lost Place @ Via Verde Valle del Eresma

We needed some exercise again, so we looked for the next Via Verde, which we found between Segovia and Nava de la Asunción along the former train line which followed the Eresma river.

There was a parking at Nava de la Asunción (41.158436, -4.486036) directly at the Via Verde. It seems that this bike track leads already further until the town of Olmedo. The distance from Nava de la Asunción to Segovia is 48 km, but we turned around at the station of Yanguas after about 24 km, that was enough for today 😉
The first part led through a sparse pine forest
The first train station comes into sight
In 1993 the last train passed this station ….

As you can probably guess, we were fascinated by this abandoned train station. It was such a charming building, just left there to fall into pieces. We reached a second station at Yanguas which was in the same state, but didn’t have the same aura of better times.

Point of return for us
Flower of the day

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