lost place @ Cabo Espichel

50 kilometers southwest of Lisbon, on the south western point of the Setúbal Peninsula lies Cabo Espichel, one of Portugal’s most extreme, breathtaking and mysterious capes.

Cabo Espichel


It’s characterized by a dramatic coastline, wild and barren landscape where you have stunning and impressive views of the massif cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, it’s one of Portugal’s most dramatic locations to experience the feeling of being at the end of the world.

Beside the beautiful and mysterious sanctuary complex, Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel, you can find a complex of 2 buildings and a platform, just by walking another 10 minutes to the south.

steam boiler, engine and generator

We did not find any references of this place in the net, but we think the construction is dating back to early 20th century and was used as a steam powered power plant supporting a military observation point.

3 piston steam engine and electric generator
2nd unit of destroyed steam engine and generator
generator details
clutch connecting engine and generator
sunset, time to leave!

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