Looking for better off road ability ….

Given that all overland travellers are looking for the best and most capable vehicle for their adventures, I decided some years ago to invest in a TATRA VVN 815 8×8 which is for sure one of the best concepts for extreme off road terrain. Our 8×8 is currently at a workshop near Munich to get it street legal.

Is this the base for our next camper?

Click here to see a VIDEO of our TATRA 8×8

There is a company in Germany which is well known for a wide selection of classic 4×4 (6×6 and 8×8) trucks for all kinds of (big boys toys) usage: AIGNER Trucks!

Selection of all kind of pre owned robust trucks.
If you need a very strong one, this MAN is the joice ….
Nice selction of 4×4 and 6×6 camper trucks like these …
A very famous chassis, the STEYR 12M18, used by the Austrian army, now an expedition RV.
Our TATRA 815 8×8, perfect for the planned trip to Lake Baikal …
Let’s see if we will ever start this project …..

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