Lake Victoria

After our tour through the Serengeti we had reached Lake Victoria, famous for the Victoria perch, and the town of Mwanza, famous for its numerous granite boulders, which are everywhere. The city is built between these rocks. The most famous is the Bismarck Rock, the tourist hotspot in town.

Granite rocks as advertising boards
Boda Boda – motorbike taxis
Mwanza – green and dotted with rocks

We found a great spot at the Mwanza Yacht Club, where we could park at a lawn next to the lake, with restaurants and bars next to us and the city in walking distance. There were so many birds around town, which was just amazing. We had pied kingfisher, egrets and open-billed storks in front of our car, around the fish market and the Bismarck rock sat numerous marabou storks and above circled a big number of birds of prey.

At the top of Capri Point, the most exclusive part of Mwanza with big villas
Everything is transported on motorbikes
Tire shopping
Everybody was helpful, but we didn’t find the BF Goodrich we are looking for

Max, our Tuk Tuk driver, took us through town for some shopping (mostly for spray paint), then to a local restaurant which served us delicious Tilapia fish. Afterwards we went to the Bismarck Rock to go on a trip over the lake.

Max and Musa – our two guides

The main attraction on our boat trip, was the visit to the fish market. Luckily the fotos don’t have the smell we had to endure there. It seemed the Marabou storks loved it though.

Nominated for most ugly bird
Fish offal – gets cooked to get some oil out of it
Dried Victoria perch or Nile perch
Chopped fish drying everywhere
Dried fish for export

As fascinating as the fish market was, we were happy when we could leave it, as the stench was just incredible. We arrived back at the Bismarck Rock and continued our tour with the Tuk Tuk from there.

Bismarck Rock
Nice girls @ the filling station
On the way to the ferry

South of Mwanza, we had to cross the lake by ferry, but the Chinese are already building a bridge, to make it easier in future.

Good opportunity to check our roof
Last view of Lake Victoria

If you want a Tuk Tuk with guide, you can contact Max: +255 620 326 359, or if you want to arrange a boat trip Musa is your man: +255 754 257 066

We will continue now to Rwanda – more soon.

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