Karlovac @ Croatia

On the way to Zagreb we came past Karlovac, which is famous for the Croatian beer brand. It is a very green town next to a river and we decided to take the bikes to explore the area a little bit.

The Austrians built Karlovac from scratch in order to strengthen their southern defences against the Ottoman Empire. It was founded as a six-pointed star fortress at the confluence of the Kupa and Korana rivers. The star shape can still be seen around the centre. It was originally known as Karlstadt, after archduke Charles II of Austria, upon whose orders construction began in 1579.

star shaped fortress as the city centre
In 2020 the YOTA Camp for young ham radio aficionados will take place in Karlovac, not far from one of the leading contest stations for radio communication in the word, but more in our next post.
newly renovated building in the centre
Looks abandoned but people live there
Old cinema
We had read that at Karlovac the destruction from the war is still visible.  Beside of buildings in bad state, we also saw many houses with bullet holes.
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