Island hike & wildlife

From the island of Pašman it was just a short drive over a bridge to get to the neighbouring island of Ugljan, where we went for another hike up to a fortress.

Dangerous processionary caterpillar

We had spent the night at the coast, at a spot we had managed to reach with a couple of more scratches on our caravan, but what wouldn’t you do for a good place 🙂 44.054993,15.225728

Parking for the Night
Hiking up from Perko on an old path

St. Michaels Fortress
European oil beetle

The beetle at the bottom had a hard job giving his mate a hike over this rough ground

The processionary caterpillar is one of the most destructive species to pines and cedars in Southern Europe. They overwinter in tent-like nests high in pine trees, and proceed through the woods in nose-to-tail columns, protected by their severely irritating hairs.

The hair causes harmful allergic reactions. Never touch the caterpillar or its nest, we learned that when we lived in Spain. If you have a dog, be very cautious as the contact with the caterpillar can kill him quickly if you don’t get to a Vet in time. 

Dangerous and not very pretty either 😉
Zadar in the background

Flower of the Day

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