Hirsau Monastery

Actually, we had stopped at Hirsau just to use the service station for caravans, but then we had spotted the remains of the Hirsau Abbey and decided to have a look.

Cloister of Hirsau

We learned that Hirsau was once one of the most important Benedictine abbeys of Germany. In the 11th and 12th century, the monastery was a centre of the Cluniac Reforms, implemented as “Hirsau Reforms” in the German territories.

Cloister and clock tower

A number of new monasteries were founded and existing communities were renewed after the Hirsau Reform. At the time of its construction, Hirsau was the largest monastery in the German-speaking world.

The once famous Hirsau Abbey was finally destroyed during the Nine Years’ War by French troops under General Lieutenant Mélac in 1692. Only the ruins now remain to mark its site.

Lady chapel of Hirsau
Hunting Lodge (next to the kindergarden)
Ruins of the hunting lodge and the gate tower
Parts of the monastery complex are still in use, for example as local tax office

After this very interesting stop we will reach Gaggenau next, where the Unimog museum awaits us. More on our next post!

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