Hiking the Truso Valley

Starting the hike at Kvemo Okrokana

Besides the spectacular mountains, Truso valley is also interesting because of the peculiar travertine formations, mineral springs and a mineral lake, which are a sign of vulcanism in this region. We had spent the night at the beginning of the hike and started early, which allowed us to enjoy the valley all alone.

The water had frozen over night
Posing in front of the peaks
Truso valley opening up
Minerals giving the creek a red colour
Abano lake
Bubbles of carbon dioxide bobbing up
Colourful travertine and the abandoned Ketrisi village
Kvemo Okrokana
Kvemo Okrokana
Flower of the Day

We had a beautiful day at the Truso valley. Starting early for sure was a good idea. It was still very cold at the beginning, but soon the sun worked its magic and we had a fantastic weather. On the way in we had the valley to ourselves. On the way out numerous groups of hikers were driven into the valley by little buses. Also we would have been able to drive further into the valley, but we preferred to walk instead.

Our next destination will be Stepanzminda with a little church in front of the impressive Kazbegi mountain – more on our next post!

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