Hiking near Madrid

Before reaching Madrid for a flight back to Austria because of work, we wanted to do a last hike. We found a spectacular area near El Escorial in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

This nice little fellow crossed our path

Here some pictures from our hike up the Machota mountains from the Bosque de La Herreria. We were fascinated by the vegetation in this area with a big variety of flowers in bloom. We even encountered some wildlife 😉 Details at the bottom.
Wild Peonies !
Peony Blossom
Parking for the Night
We had used this parking for the night before we went on our hike: 40.575942, -4.152601. From here you can walk to the Monastery of El Escorial through the Bosque de La Herrería or cross the road and walk up to “Silla de Felipe II”, from where you have a great view over El Escorial. From there we followed a marked route up into the Machota mountains, which was spectacular.
Flower of the Day
Another flower of the Day

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