Hike @ Pervolakia Gorge

Crete is full of beautiful gorges and everyone is different. This one in the south east of Crete was another great hike, again we were the only people there and of course no bar or restaurant was open.

The hike starts at the coast near Goúdouras next to the Kápsa monastery. We found a beautiful parking directly at  the coast with some tamarisks where we spent 2 peaceful nights (35.019224, 26.049761).

Pervolakia gorge in full view

The path leads at the beginning along the sides of the canyon

but most of the time we walked directly in the canyon

Can you see the vultures?

A group of about 20 vultures started to circle over the gorge when the thermic was right. We could watch them landing at their nests in the rock walls.

A big rock had to be passed over a ladder which looked stable enough. Later we passed under a big rock lying on top of another one. The incredible landscape of the gorge was a pleasure during the whole walk through the valley to the tiny village of Pervolakia.

Village of Pervolakia
Beside of this lovely baby cats …

… we saw a couple of old people still living in the village

Our route back took us over the mountains …

… where the wind was blowing fiercely

Our lovely parking for 2 nights
Flower of the Day

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