Hike @ Kelefa

From this beautiful bay at the Mani peninsula starts a hike which promised a castle, a village, a monastery and a canyon – we got all of that and more.

Thanks to the GPS data we found the start of the hike up the mountains easily, otherwise we might have missed that big sign.
A steep path led up to the castle which was built 1670 by the Turks but was abandoned already 100 years later.

Reaching the fortification

First glimpse inside
Climbing the walls …
… rewarded us with a great view
We passed the village of Kelefa
The Turks are back 😉

Many plants are bearing fruit now in autumn, but there are not only nice things to discover on our hikes. The philosophy that “what you don’t see any more is gone” hopefully is an attitude from the past and not lived by anymore – I’m not completely sure 🙁

Later we will follow this valley back to the sea
Reaching the monastery Moni Spiliotissa 

The crypt from the 15th century was built into the rock
Descending into the valley
Suddenly we felt watched
They for sure wondered why on hell we walk down there

Now a hike along or better in the river started and it didn’t end. At the beginning it was fun to walk directly over the round rocks of the river bed, but soon it got tiring. The vegetation was very dense with blackberry shoots hanging from above and scratching us. The guide book had promised a path along the river, which we saw sometimes, but was only good for wild boar, everybody taller had no chance. At the end we walked about 3 km through the river and were truly relieved when we reached the end.

Seems to be a dangerous place
Flower of the Day

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