Hike @ Kaş

We had reached the lovely town of Kaş, where we did some exploring in town but also took a hike along the coast to some temple tombs at a cliff above the sea.

Sarcophagus in the middle of nowhere

The hike started at the port of Kaş and took as on the Lycian route south along the coast. First we came through the outskirts of Kaş, but soon we were in the middle of these hills, surrounded by olive trees and evergreen oaks.

It was a circular route where we first hiked through the mountains and then descended to a bay from where we could already see the temple tombs in the cliff.

The route now led us through the wall directly past the tombs on a spectacular path which needed some use of the hands to get up.

Daffodils in flower

Soon we had reached the first tombs and could admire them from close. A rope helped us get past the tomb and up the path.

In Lycia, sarcophagus are everywhere, also in the middle of today’s towns. It seems that there are so many that nobody makes a fuss about them. Instead, they are used as support for some material.
Flower of the Day

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