Hike @ Cap Maleas

A hike took us close to Cap Maleas in the southeast of the Peloponnese with great views along the coast. 

Parking for the night

Sunrise …

We had spent the night at the the Laconian Gulf near the island of Elafonisos directly at the sandy beach. The next morning we enjoyed a great sunrise and soon left for our hike, which started near the village of Profitis Ilias at the parking of a geopark next to a fossil forest (36.440970, 23.141110)

Gravel road through a fascinating landscape

Starting to hike

Marked route from one chapel to the next

Interesting black rocks which looked like lava

Walking along the edge

We are getting closer
Reaching the chapel
Monk cells to rent

A look inside

Back on the same route
Flower of the Day

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