@ Heraklion

Arriving in Heraklion by ferry, we spent the first day exploring the city and visiting the Archaeological Museum, which houses all the important finds on the Minoan culture from all over Crete.

In front of the harbour lies the Venetian fortress called Castello a Mar, which was built by the Republic of Venice in the early 16th century.

At the harbour fish was sold and prepared for the customers
Entrance to the fortress with the remains of the Venetian lion relief 
Inside the 8m thick walls
Exhibition of the sunken ships in front of Heraklion
Harbour from the fortress
The Morosini fountain in Lions Square
We run into a wreath ceremony for fallen soldiers
@ the Archaeological Museum
Famous gold ornament with 2 bees dated 1800 BC !!!
Gold jewellery dated 3000–1800 BC!!
The snake goddesses (c.1600 BC) proudly showing their breasts
Daggers and swords 1370–1100 BC
Typical pottery 3000 BC
Beautiful Minoan larnakes (clay coffins)
The bull was highly worshipped in the Minoan culture

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