Our day at Helsinki was overcast with occasional drizzle, but that didn’t spoil the fun to explore a new town.

Helsinki Cathedral

We stayed at the camping ground in the outskirts of Helsinki and took the underground into the centre. In Finland masks are not required anywhere, but it is recommended in public transport, so we used them, but most of the people didn’t.
Checking out the city scooters ūüėČ
Senate square dominated by the cathedral
Neoclassical interior
Next to the cathedral lies the university, which has a beautiful library, where we climbed up to the top level to get the perfect view.
I found the German section!
We did it! Scootering through town!!
Helsinki Central Station
We wanted to visit the Temppeliaukion kirkko, which lies not directly in the centre, so the scooters were a good option and it was fun to drive through town. By driving around we covered more area than we would have on foot.
Temppeliaukion kirkko

This Lutheran church was opened in 1969. It is built directly into solid rock and has very good acoustics. It is also known as the Church of the Rock and has a great atmosphere.

Market Hall
We used the market hall as lunch stop before we took the ferry to Suomenlinna, the fortress island. Delicacies are sold here and small cafes and restaurants offer snacks and lunch dishes. We had a very good salmon soup, a dish you get everywhere in Finland.
Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral
Ferry to Suomenlinna
Tiny islands everywhere
The grass covered fortress of Suomenlinna
Lovely old houses at the island
We couldn’t resist a coffee break!
Berries of the Day

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