Harbour and City @ Rostock

Rostock lies at the river Warnow with its harbour called Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea. We enjoyed watching the boats leaving and entering the harbour with a lot of wind and rough sea. The next day we took a walk through the centre of Rostock.

Entrance to the harbour of Warnemünde
The harbour of Rostock is big with parts for cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats, private yachts and many others. From our parking directly at the entrance to the harbour we watched them enter and leave Warnemünde.

Selfie @ Warnemünde
Lighthouse and the modern building called “Teapot” 
View from our Parking for the Night
Fountain of joie de vivre
The next day we took a stroll through Rostock admiring the churches in the Brick Gothic style and remains of the old city wall.
St. Mary’s church from the main square
St. Peter’s Church with a 117m high tower
Red and black brick used artistically
Old city wall
Flower of the Day

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