Greek self quarantine

As we are kind of waiting for the lockdown to ease so that restaurants and tourist sights are allowed to open again, we are in no hurry to get anywhere. We are still at the same lovely camping going on hikes or cycling. The rest of the time is spent working, reading and cooking.

We haven’t found out what is growing here, but these covers pop up everywhere at the moment
Lovely summer houses along the coast

Famished we drove to the supermarket and the consequence was the same as always: we bought so much we worried how everything will find a place in the fridge and the storage. With some Tetris skills we somehow managed in the end.

We also used the infrastructure of the camping to do our washing and while everything was drying, there was enough time to do some thorough cleaning too.

The camping has an extremely lovely beach with palm trees and soon the temperature will increase so we will be able to enjoy it even more. By the way, the island in the back is Zakinthos.

Sunset @ Aginara beach

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