Greece -> Austria -> Turkey

We were now leaving Crete to drive/fly home for Christmas. As soon as we came back we took the route to Turkey where we want to spend the next 2 months. Off to new adventures!

Xmas car wash

First our cochecito got its Xmas wash! Its always nice when all the dirt comes off and the car shines again. Now we were ready to go onto the ferry and leave Crete after a fabulous month of hiking.

Boarding the ferry at Heraklion
Cochecito had found its place and we had found our cabin for the night. After checking out the ferry we headed for the restaurant to celebrate the great time we had on Crete a little and that our journey home for Christmas has started.
Ferry in Christmas spirit
Special treat for a celebration
Our cabin, this time with a window but no view
Leaving the ferry at Piräus

We had a day left to spend at Athens so we visited the Acropolis Museum, which is in a modern building just below the Acropolis and shows all the reliefs of the Parthenon at the top floor, from where you can look up to the temples. Really well done!

Acropolis Museum

All the reliefs from the Parthenon on display

Fantastic view from the museum

Afterwards we strolled through Athens where people were shopping and enjoying the last days before Christmas.

Brake dance group 
The next day we were flying home for Christmas! It was great to be in Vienna again and come together with our families and friends. To get into the Christmas spirit we spent an afternoon at the different markets in Vienna, admiring all the decorations and gifts on display.

Hofburg at night

Fiaker @ Vienna 

Christmas market in front of the town hall

Mother & son together again

Celebrating with friends

4 candles for Advent

Alexandra made us Papanaşi!
As always one week was not enough time to meet all the friends but we were looking for new adventures so of we went back to Athens were we were happy to be home at our Cochecito again.
Our route from Athens to Troja in 4 days

Snow north of Athens

Felt like winter in Austria
Thessaloniki, Lottery ticket sellers
We had stopped at Thessaloniki, were we went for a walk through the centre. There is a big parking at the harbour where we had managed to find a spot. (40.635659, 22.934525)
Salep – a hot drink made with flour from the tubers of an orchid

Served with cinnamon and ginger – lets say: it was warm 😉

@ the market

Coffee break

The next day it was Sylvester and we had stopped at Alexandroupoulis to celebrate the end of the year in this town just before the border to Turkey. 

By coincidence we had chosen an Armenian restaurant for lunch, where we had different vegetable dishes.

Sun, sea and palm trees – but still it was very cold
Getting closer to the border

We soon reached the border after leaving Alexandroupoulis and it took us just 20 minutes to get through all the controls as it was not busy at all in the morning of the first of January.

Turkey welcomes us with sun

We are looking forward to discover this fascinating country. 

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