Gorge of Aposelémis hike

Our first hike at Crete led us through the gorge of Aposelémis near Heraklion, for sure one of many gorges we will hike on this island.

We started from the south where the road crosses the gorge, and we could park opposite of a closed tavern. A sign showed us where to start, and from there we followed the dry river. Soon we walked in the river bed and the landscape got more and more interesting.
Parking for the hike: 35.275567, 25.359905

Gate to keep sheep and goats in or out?
Soon we ran into them

A path led along the river for a while, which was at first easier to walk than in the river, but soon it was overgrown and only suitable for sheep.

Trying to get through
Vultures were circling over the valley waiting for their chance
A great place for a stop, here we decided to turn around
Selfie time!
Flower of the Day

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