Goodbye Norway

Our last destination in Norway was Kongsvinger, but before we visited the fortress above the town, we stopped to finally pick up our snow chains.

@ Lilleseth Kjetting

They produce all kinds of snow chains, we needed just simple ones, which will get us out of deep snow if necessary. There is this saying “better to have it than to need it” which certainly applies to snow chains.

At Kongsvinger we parked in front of the lovely church and walked up to the fortress above town, which once secured the important crossing of travelling and trading routes at the Glomma river.

Star shaped outer walls of the fortress
Goodbye Norway!

After our stop at Kongsvinger we were on the way to the border and soon entered Sweden, somehow on a minor road which immediately turned into a gravel road at the border sign. It took us a couple of kilometres to reach tarmac again.

Border to Sweden

What will await us in Sweden now? What will be different? We are on the way to find out. Our first destination in Sweden is already something weird, a graveyard of a special kind – more on our next post.

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